New Year, New Goals

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Well it’s been nearly five months since my last post. I think I should try to keep to a more regular schedule.

-Resolution #1: Update my blog more often.

Between my last post and about christmas time, I didn’t do much painting. I was using Gamefly,  playing DCUOnline, and trying for the Criterion Elite license in Burnout Paradise for those couple of months. Then Skyrim came and that ate all my time. I have a spreadsheet that keeps track of my mini’s stages of completion from each game system and everything together. At the time I had about 40% of my stages complete across everything. I have Legion that has been sitting in the case, unprimed in some cases, for just about a year.  I keep buying something new and it just didn’t get painted. So I figured not anymore!

-Resolution #2: I will not buy something new unless that faction is fully painted.

Between December and early January I have painted several Malifaux crews: the Freikorps box, the rest of my Dreamer crew, and Nicodem’s box w/ 3 mindless zombies. Mother Nature forgot that it’s supposed to be winter in western New York, so I even got to spray dullcote over the gloss varnish the other week, except for my Teddys. I got some Liquitex Matte Varnish now that the snow and cold have finally caught up to the time of year. I put a coat on my Teddy’s yesterday, and they look pretty good. So if you cant spray Testor’s Dullcote, I would recommend Liquitex Matte Varnish for anti-shine. Quite a productive month. If I can be this productive in a month, I should be able to finish everything this year, right?

-Resolution #3: Have all my Warmachine, Hordes, and Malifaux stuff painted by the end of 2012.

I’m planning on taking part in Lost Hemisphere’s Paint the Target challenge this year, using only Legion. I’m more or less finished with Absylonia for January’s “paint something magic” challenge. I tried both her and eThagrosh, but I really didn’t like how the colors came out, so I ended up stripping them and starting over. Absylonia started out very bluish, and then her and Thagrosh ended up a light purple (my fiancee said Thagrosh reminded her of Spyro at that point). Now I’ve got Absylonia in a studio scheme, at least as close as my skill will allow.

And now what you came to see:

Google photos does not work like it used to, predumably because of integration with google+, so I’ve had to learn to host and post pictures on wordpress and format correctly.


Nightmare Crew



Dreamer & Lord Chompy Bits



Nightmare Teddy

More of my Nightmare Crew













Nicodem’s Crew


























Nicodem’s Base – w/ a crow in the base

More of my Nicodem Crew













Freikorps Crew













Von Schill

More of my Freikorps Crew





























My makeshift lightbox – a clear plastic tote some white paper and tape


Busy Summer

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Well it has been a few months, and I’m really bad at updating often. I went to Mexico for a week at the beginning of July, and proposed to my girlfriend as we were waking up to get to the airport the morning our trip was starting. She obviously said yes, and the vacation went great.

Since last I posted, I have been somewhat busy painting and have gotten quite a bit accomplished. My Viktoria crew is finished and dullcoted.

Ronin 1
Ronin 1

Ronin 2
Ronin 2

Ronin 3
Ronin 3

Viktorias & Crew
Viktorias & Crew

After that I went back to my Retribution force and finished up what I could. Vyros, Garryth, manticore, phoenix, chimera, gorgon, 12 Dawnguard sentinels, 3 soulless, 2 arcanists and 2 mage hunter assassins are done. There’s only Kaelyssa, 4 solos (including a dragoon), 1 unit w/ UA and 2 grunts from another unit that need bases for me to continue with them.

All my Retribution so far
All my Retribution so far



Light Myrmidons
Light Myrmidons

Heavy Myrmidons
Heavy Myrmidons


Sentinels Close
Sentinels close up


Mage Hunter Assassins


Because I’ve been waiting for those bases and Wyrd’s Gencon hype, I finally got back to work on nightmare Chompy Bits, and finished him. I washed leviathan purple over adeptus battlegrey, and was really disappointed. But then I started drybrushing and really like how it turned out. Hopefully this year’s nightmare editions don’t take quite as long. 

Lord Chompy Bits

Chompy wants to hug

My soon-to-be mother in law will be up this weekend to meet my parents, and she will be staying with Becca and I so my painting stuff is cleaned up for now. After that I think my next project is to give Chompy some friends.

Of Spiders and Dancers

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Well, it has been a little longer than I anticipated to finish my next milestone, but I have made it. Getting sidetracked with my sister’s wedding, one of my cats getting real sick, and life in general, I just finished my showgirls as well as the next project that was at hand. These two crews are the first batches of models in my years of painting that I have actually felt comfortable enough sealing. I know I’m nowhere near the greatest of painters, but I’ve more or less been satisfied with what I paint. Now I’m satisfied enough to be completely done with something and not think there’s something to improve later.

Anyways, this is a Ramos crew I built for my brother-in-law as a gift to get him into the game. Also made him a small carrying case with custom hand-cut foam.


Electrical Creation

Brass Arachnid

Steamborg Executioner

Steamborg Executioner Again

Steampunk Arachnids

Steampunk Arachnid Swarms

The Full Crew

The Full Crew Again

The case

And here is my finished showgirls, attached to their bases and dullcoted. I think they came out well. Eventually I’ll get the doves to round them out. Last fall I tried to make the coryphee work, but got lazy about it and decided it was easier to make a permanent duet.


Colette’s back


Cassandra Again

Coryphee Duet

Coryphee Duet again

Single Coryphees


Performer & Mannequin 1

Performer & Mannequin 2

Colette & her girls

…and a different angle

Next up on the table is finishing up my first Malifaux crew, the Viktorias. I’m half done painting up the ronin, and then after checking and fixing up the Vikki’s crew, they’ll all get sealed. After that, I will probably get back to my angry elves, fixing up a sentinel with a hole through his foot, and try to get them finished.

Back at it

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Finally have gotten back in the swing of things, which is great because I have a whole ton of things to get painted up. The latest project getting close to being finished is my Showgirls crew for Malifaux. I need to pick up some dullcote and attach them to their wood floor bases, and then they will be complete. I ordered them during Gencon last year, and haven’t gotten around to painting them until now.

Next up on the table is a Ramos crew for my soon to be brother-in-law. We are working on a Malifaux based project together, and I figured this would be a nice gift to get him into both the game and miniature games as a whole.

And now my showgirls so far:

EDIT: I reorganized my Picasa albums, and these links got screwed up so if you would like to see these pictures, go to the album here:

Back from the dead.

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Almost a year later with nothing done here. I figure I should start up again, with a focus on my awesomely mediocre painting.  Mainly as motivation to get it done and stop putting it off. My goal is one model minimum per week.

I have started to become very bored with 40k, and have been gravitating more to my skirmish games.  Granted my schedule doesn’t ever allow me to play, so this is mainly from a painting aspect at this point. But such a large force to play a game, and the last few codexes haven’t been wowing me like they used to.  I already have pretty much what I want to play, so I’m set for the next 3+ years until there’s a new unit I really want to use in the new book. 

So I turned my focus to Warmachine, and my Retribution stuff laying around. During the winter I got to some of it and pretty happy how its turned out. Some details to finish and protect, but just about done. Still have a bunch more to go though.  And I decided I wanted to play beast/jack focused, so have been picking up Everblight stuff here and there. Half put together and primed, I’ll get to it eventually.  Also decided since I hardly play these days 2 factions is it, so I sold Cygnar, because they didn’t excite me anymore, they never made it to the painting table and I had room for only 2 factions.  Also, sold off my Ultramarines cause I liked Space Wolves better, never used them anymore, and only had room for 2 armies (Tyranids & Wolves).

Recently my focus has shifted back to Malifaux, because of the release of the new rule book, as well as a secret project I’ve been working on (which will be revealed when it’s ready).  So once I get settled from the move this weekend, I’m going to get to work on the stuff that has been sitting patiently since GenCon.

While all my hobbying stuff is packed up, I’m going to try and post pics of what Ret stuff I have mostly done.

Edited for just Tabletop gaming content

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Ive been painting, and have finished my Malifaux warband, it probably could have been done better, but good enough for the table I say.  It was my first time using washes, and I do like how it turned out.   Other than that, Ive been trying to get more termagants painted, and let me tell you, its not fun.  They’re not very fun or interesting to paint, and there’s a ton of them. 

Anyways, heres my Malifaux warband.  Feel free to leave some comments.

The Warband

The Warband again


Viktoria Back

Other Viktoria

Other Viktoria Back


Bishop Back


Taelor Back


Johan Back